We recently completed a successful project for MJ Sections, a worldwide leader in precision formed sheet metal fabrications and machined components, primarily serving the Aerospace sector. The collaboration involved the development of a new website and the creation of a corporate video, showcasing AMI’s expertise in engineering-focused marketing.

Project Overview:

MJ Sections, a prominent player in the Aerospace industry, approached us seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance their online presence. Recognising AMI’s reputation as experts in industrial marketing, MJ Sections enlisted our services to develop a new website and produce a corporate video that would effectively showcase their capabilities and expertise.

Insights into AMI’s Working Process:

The video below will also provide readers with a glimpse into how AMI operates, from initial concepts to project execution. AMI prioritises communication and understanding client needs, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns with the unique requirements of each industrial client.

The Expertise Advantage:

What set AMI apart in this project was its deep-rooted expertise in engineering and a track record of successful collaborations within the Aerospace sector. Having worked with numerous industrial companies over the years, we understand the intricacies of marketing within the engineering domain, making AMI the ideal choice.

Collaborating with Steve Creswell, Beth Barrie, and Wayne Mann from MJ Sections, AMI gained valuable insights into the unique requirements of the Aerospace sector. Will Hunt, Operations Manager at AMI, spearheaded the project, ensuring seamless coordination between teams. The filming aspect was expertly handled by Tom Hawney, while the website development was led by Gareth, Senior Developer.

The newly developed website and corporate video for MJ Sections not only met but exceeded expectations. The project seamlessly combined technical precision with creative elements, effectively showcasing MJ Sections’ capabilities to potential clients in the Aerospace industry.

Can we work with you?

We continue to solidify our position as the “go-to agency” for industrial marketing solutions, with the successful completion of the MJ Sections project serving as a testament to our expertise in the Aerospace manufacturing sector.

As a trusted partner for engineers, manufacturers, and industrial businesses, we remain dedicated to delivering comprehensive and affordable outsourced solutions, with exceptional customer service!