What Is The Most Effective Industrial Marketing Strategy For Engineering & Manufacturing Companies?


What are you looking to achieve?

When looking for the best industrial marketing strategy, your first consideration should be, what are you looking to achieve from an engineering marketing campaign? Are you looking for a refreshed look for an outdated website? Are you looking to modernise your business and branding? Or are you simply looking to gain new customers and fill capacity?


The Marketing Minefield

What is the most effective marketing for manufacturing companies? For many industrial companies looking to increase new customers, finding the most effective marketing strategy can be a minefield. With an endless option of marketing agencies available, marketing strategies can vary in both cost, implementation and end result, so which one is best for your business?


What is the best Industrial Marketing strategy for your business?

At AMI we keep things simple with effective marketing for manufacturers that work. Within our team we have a huge amount of industrial marketing experience, our directors having over 20 years each! Most companies that we work with here at AMI are ultimately looking to generate new enquiries and grow their businesses. As part of advising a marketing plan, we will look at a range of options and make suggestions that can include:


Website Design

To ensure the success of any industrial marketing strategy, your website is the initial impression for prospects and existing customers of your company. Enquiry conversions can significantly improve with a modern site that showcases your company’s strengths and capabilities.

Ensuring your website looks great is only half the job, it is essential that your website is easy to use and navigate, works effectively across all devices, has fast loading times and is built to Google best practices. This is key for any long term marketing campaign. We design industrial websites that achieve great levels of enquires and the highest possible SEO scores. Take a look at our latest websites

Industrial photography / video

As your website is the first impression of your company for visitors online, high quality photography and video can drastically improve the look and feel of your site and ’sell’ your services more effectively. Having a well produced video is the next best thing for prospects to seeing your business in person. First impressions last, make that first impression count!  Take a look at our latest videos


Good branding is essential for the long term growth of any business. Increasing brand exposure by using social media platforms can enable companies to connect and share content with customers, prospects and connections. This gives your audience a day to day personable insight into your business, team, capabilities, markets, investments and more.

As part of an industrial marketing strategy, the team at AMI offer industrial social media management for engineers and manufacturers to help modernise and produce quality content for followers and connections. We offer both organic social media management and sponsored depending on each companies requirements. Take a look at our manufacturing social media management.



Having a great looking website and effective branding doesn’t guarantee good levels of enquiries. As a fundamental part of an industrial marketing strategy, the team here at AMI – Marketing for Manufacturing are highly experienced in search marketing methods that are the most effective way to gain new enquires online. We have a proven track record in helping industrial companies increase enquires quickly using effective campaigns.

Our search marketing team run Google Ads and other PPC campaigns as well as SEO to ensure your website is in front of prospects who are actively searching for services that you offer. Inexperienced marketing agencies often make mistakes with industrial search marketing due to their lack of knowledge of manufacturing processes and terminology which is essential when marketing engineering and manufacturing companies.

Part of our service is to eliminate irrelevant visitors and maximise quality, relevant searches. This is key for improving the qualified prospects on the website. Take a look at our SEO services and Google Ads.



As default, we add Google Analytics to all websites we build, although ‘numbers’ doesn’t equal enquires, which is why our focus is on quality over quantity. Google Analytics will help a customer understand the overall figures for the website as well as other data.

We also install company name tracking software for all customers which helps them identify the types of companies that are visiting their website. We’re able to provide; company name, website, address, pages visited, length of visit and often a list of key contacts from the company. This helpful software gives customers a far better insight of the audience visiting the website’s as well as potential sales leads. Take a look at our Tracking Software.


AMI – Marketing for Manufacturing

Our experienced team here are AMI offer solid and proven industrial marketing across the UK. Call our team today on 01271 379 270 to discuss your business’s needs or visit the AMI –Marketing for Manufacturing website for more information.