Laura May

Job Title:
Social Media Coordinator

How long have you been at AMI?
2-3 Months

What experience from the manufacturing sector do you bring to the team? / What do you bring to your role at AMI?
I bring a varied knowledge of marketing, gained from my previous marketing roles where I have worked on everything from social media to strategy. I have worked in client and agency settings and across a variety of B2B companies.

How do you get to work?
Part drive, part walk

What is your idea of a perfect day out?
Going for a long countryside walk followed by a home cooked roast dinner

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend time with family and friends

What is the best thing about working for AMI? / Favourite part of your job?
The relaxed company culture and my colleagues, they can be quite entertaining

What is your most annoying personality trait?
I’m impatient

In three words how would your colleagues describe you?
Hmmmm, you’ll have to ask them

Something not many people know about you?
I once set fire to my house (accidentally, not intentionally)

What’s the most useless talent you have?
I’m hyper-mobile

Favourite Movie
I don’t have a favourite, I don’t like watching the same movie twice

Favourite TV Show
True crime documentaries

Favourite Musical Artist or Band
Dermot Kennedy

Favourite Food
Indian curry or a roast dinner