Simon Appleby (Larry)

Job Title:
Marketing Co-ordinator

How long have you been at AMI?
Nearly 1 year

What experience from the manufacturing sector do you bring to the team? / What do you bring to your role at AMI?
6 years experience in paid ads & social media for the manufacturing sector

How do you get to work?
Speed walking

What is your idea of a perfect day out?
Staying in!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Watch sports and entertain my child, in that order

What is the best thing about working for AMI? / Favourite part of your job?
Laid back atmosphere, playing pool and Mario Kart during lunchtime.

What is your most annoying personality trait?
My inability to make hot drinks

In three words how would your colleagues describe you?
quiffy, boring, laid back

Something not many people know about you?
I have a scar on my head caused by aggressively dancing to the Lion King (see below)

What’s the most useless talent you have?
I have zero talents

Favourite Movie
The original Lion King

Favourite TV Show

Favourite Musical Artist or Band
Alter Bridge

Favourite Food
Cheese Toasties, Cheese & Biscuits, Cheese Twists but my absolute favourite has to be Grated Cheese