The Shearline Group, a cornerstone in CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication and Laser Cutting, approached us with a clear challenge – how to digitally unite their three distinct arms, while preserving individuality. They recently celebrated 50 years in business, and to mark this achievement the group sought a modern solution to enhance their online presence.

In response to the complex challenge posed by the group, we’re thrilled to announce the successful implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that seamlessly ties together their diverse businesses while maintaining their distinct identities.

We created a central digital hub in the form of a user-friendly group website, linking to each subsidiary. The result? A streamlined online experience for clients and prospects.

Watch the brief video above, featuring insights from Ronnie, the project lead.

The Shearline Group
Shear XL

This digital integration aligns with The Shearline Group’s progressive vision, reflecting its commitment to excellence across many facets of manufacturing and engineering. In a continuation of our partnership, we provide full marketing support with a comprehensive search-based marketing package for each subsidiary within the group.

Shearline Responsive Website